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Receipt Paper


pos Point of Sale receipt paper

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These dimensions of products provided are the most common. We have the capability to create exactly what you need!

Bond Traditional 1-Ply Paper

Availability: In Stock

Low lint, helps prevent printer clogging
Clear images
Dimensionally accurate roll
End of roll warning stripe

2 3/4" x 95'. 50 per case
3" x 165'. 50 per case
3" x 190'. 50 per case

Classic Thermal Grade Paper

Availability: In Stock

Exceptional smoothness for exceptional clarity
Accurate dimensions
Reduces wear on print head
Meets printer OEM specs

2 1/4" x 55'. 50 per case
2 1/4" x 85'. 50 per case
3 1/8" x 220'. 50 per case
3 1/8" x 230'. 50 per case
3 1/8" x 273'. 50 per case

Traditional 2-Ply Carbonless

Availability: In Stock

End of roll warning stripe
Clear, crisp image
Meets printer OEM specs
100% guaranteed

3" x 95' w/c 50 per case

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