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Regardless of your needs, we can help! Our home products can cover and protect anything and everything you may encounter. We are always looking for new and innovative products to help make your job easier.

Floor Protection

floor protection home products

At PPC we offer a wide array of heavy duty paper products specifically manufactured to meet your protection needs. As a converter we have the capacity to fabricate to your own specifications. You deserve a product that works as hard as you do, and our floor paper will not let you down.

Eco Rosin

Availability: In Stock

36″ x 166′ / 23# Medium
Item #: KR2316636

Red Rosin

red rosin floor protection

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Rock Guard Floor Board

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Masking Paper

masking paper home products

A great way to mask off whatever you do not want to paint or texture. This is very effective around doors, lighting fixtures, and windows.

Paint Hand Masking Paper

paint hand masking paper home products

Our hand mask rolls are converted into a manageable length and width to help you efficiently accomplish whatever job is in front of you. With an industry standard 1” core, our products will fit seamlessly on most maskers.

Green Masking Paper

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Green MG (machine glazed) and MF (machine finished) masking.


Tested for paint hold out and designed as a masking grade paper. Inexpensive compared to treated or coated papers. Available in #28, #35, #40 basis weights in virtually any roll length. 3, 6, 12, 18, 36, and some special order widths available. PRIVATE LABEL AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE


Bleed through can occur from urethanes or from over saturation.

Natural Brown Poly Paper

natural brown masking paper

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Natural Brown Poly Paper: With poly-coating on the outside, there is no chance of linting. The poly-coating provides maximum hold out for no bleed through protection. PRIVATE LABEL AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE

White Masking Paper

white masking paper

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The treated white paper has a barrier that is urethane resistant.
Sold in 750′ rolls.
3, 6, 12, 18, 36, and some special order widths available.


Flouro-Chemical treating gives this paper a urethane resistant barrier. Light basis weight makes it ideal for cornering and other intricate masking applications. Comparable to 3M White yet more affordable. PRIVATE LABEL AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE

Plastic Sheeting

plastic sheeting home products

Our plastic sheeting is a multi-dimensional product to assist you on the job. Our multi-purpose sheeting is lightweight, and makes for an excellent addition to ensure you stay covered.

Plastic Sheeting, Economical (Paintable, High-Density)

Availability: In Stock

Corona treated for paint anchorage.
Clings to prevent sheeting from lifting.
Clearly marked paintable side.
Used typically for dust and paint over-spray applications.
Economically priced!

Part Numbers:
MM12 – 12′ x 400′
MM14 – 14′ x 350′
MM16 – 16′ x 350′

Plastic Sheeting, Premium (Paintable, High-Density)

Availability: In Stock

Corona treated for paint anchorage.

Superior cling allowing one man application.
Can be placed at paint edge with no bleed through and guaranteed paint anchorage, similar to masking paper.
Clearly marked center shows which side to paint.
All sizes are available in dispenser boxes.
Compare to U.S. Chemical’s Sharkskin and Norton’s Blue.

Part Numbers:
PP12 – 12′ x 400′
PP14 – 14′ x 350′
PP16 – 16′ x 350′
PP20 – 20′ x 350′

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